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Therapy for adults and couples

Mental Path 

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At MentalPath mental health centers, our experienced psychologists, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists are capable of assisting with virtually any mental health issue. Our holistic and multidisciplinary approach ensures that every patient receives the highest level of diagnostic and treatment services available. Beyond these specialists, our team also includes sexologists, diagnostic experts, and therapists and psychiatrists for children and adolescents, expanding the breadth of our care.

We are proud to have established a network of eight centers operating across five cities in Poland, making our services accessible to a wider audience. Furthermore, we are continuously expanding our online therapeutic services to meet the needs of patients living in distant countries, ensuring that quality mental health care knows no boundaries. At MentalPath, we are committed to pioneering the future of mental health services, making comprehensive and compassionate care available to everyone, everywhere.

With MentalPath, distance is no longer an obstacle to receiving top-notch mental health support.